I usually have trouble with these 'about me' sections on account of the fact that I don't exactly know
what to say about me. Some people might liken this tendency to the 'inoffensive disposition' of a
cardboard box, but I'd rather think of it as a sort of intellectual traffic jam caused by my not
knowing what about me is interesting to you and what about me is not, my unfortunate reader. As a
result, I usually end up trying to describe this little intellectual turmoil, which, oddly enough
probably ends up telling you more about me than I'd like you to know.

Now, to enlighten you as to what sort of person would write such a introductory paragraph, allow me
to introduce some cold-hard facts about me. Facts are nice because unlike the intellectual clap-trap
you just waded through, they tend to be [mostly] objective. If you are the sort of person who enjoys
facts, then you may be wondering why I bothered to wait until the second paragraph to even start
talking about them. If that's the case, let us just say that starting with the facts wouldn't be very
like me and that just wouldn't be appropriate for an about me section.

According to my loving parents, I started drawing at the ripe old age of three [I don't personally
remember much from this period due to an underdeveloped brain]. At six, I dropped out of school to
pursue the artistic freedom that public school wouldn't allow. From then until college, I entered the
years of my education that can only be described by the bastardized term 'home-unschooling.' I don't
want to get too much into the nuts and bolts of the term, but basically, it wasn't structured and it
most certainly wasn't vapid.

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